drake and dominick giving year 6

Dear Friends:

On February 15th, 2012, we turn 7 years old...

Over the years we’ve been proud to support foster children through partnerships with the National Heart Gallery, AVID, and our latest partner, Silicon Valley Children’s Fund. We had an eventful year in 2011 as we were able to provide more financial support and awareness to the plight of foster children. Also in 2011, Dominick was recognized by the Kohl’s Cares Scholarship Program for his efforts in support of foster youth, and we thought it was so cool!

So, we want to do even more in 2012, because foster children so desperately need our help. According to the Silicon Valley Children’s Fund, foster children are less likely to complete high school, less likely to enroll in college, and more likely to be unemployed or to work in minimum wage jobs. Silicon Valley Children's Fund invests in high impact programs that help the foster youth of Santa Clara County. This year we will continue to work with the Silicon Valley Children’s Fund and support the education plans of local foster youth so that they have a chance to be become successful and self-sustaining adults.

This year, we are even launching a business – Chump Genius: A Drake and Dominick Brainstorm -- where five percent of the net profits will support our foundation, Drake and Dominick Giving.

Chump Genius: A Drake and Dominick Brainstorm

Chump Genius all started when we were on vacation in the summer of 2011, and our parents let us buy one thing with our own money. While at a surf shop in Kauai, Dominick bought a much-desired wallet, and professed, “Now that I have a wallet, I am a businessman.” So we spent the rest of our vacation brainstorming on what our business should be, and how it could benefit Drake and Dominick Giving. We thought about a lemonade stand, but thought it was so “last year” – so we continued on. Since our mom and dad didn’t think spend time on the web or on an App was worthwhile, we challenged them to let us create something that they would be happy about if we did spend time on. So the foundation of Chump Genius: A Drake and Dominick Brainstorm was laid right on a sandy beach in Kauai.

We hope that you will support Drake and Dominick Giving and Chump Genius so that we can make a difference in the lives of local foster children and later on a national level.


Drake and Dominick

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